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The most important time in a dogs life is 0-6 months of age. Our head start program will include socialization, water/bird introduction, name recognition, and loose leash training. The length of this program will depend on the age of the puppy. 


Obedience is the most sought after trait in any dog. Whether you're in the duck blind or your home, a dog must first have a solid training foundation. Our general obedience program lasts 6 weeks and we accept all breeds. 


The basic gun dog program is designed to give the owner a solid working dog in the field. This program will take your dog through the necessacy steps of training to successfully hunt over and the ability to run a Junior (AKC) or Started (UKC) hunting test. 


Advanced retriever training is the finishing polish to any hunting retriever. This program will include multiple retrieves, diversions, walk ups, honoring, blind retrieves, complex marking and blind drills- ect. Through this program your dog will be ready to run an AKC (Senior or Master) or HRC (Seasoned or Finished) test. 

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